Interested in becoming a Corporate Community Sponsor? Contact The Franciscan Center at (260) 744-3977 to discuss this wonderful opportunity!

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Corporate Community Sponsorship
While The Franciscan Center is concentrating its efforts on encouraging more food drives from the community, we still have an increasing need to purchase food, toiletries, and sack lunch items due to recent economic hardships that are bringing more people to our doors in need of assistance. It is through the monetary support of community-minded companies and individuals that we are able to provide hope to those who need it most.

In difficult economic times, many companies are looking for ways to support programs that address the community's fundamental needs. This is what the Franciscan Center is all about and becoming our Corporate Partner is the best way to support the Center year around and in every facet of our missions. Your contribution will directly support programming for our Food Pantry, Medicine Cabinet, and Sack Lunch programs.

Your partnership with us will also further establish your organization as one that stands for responsible corporate citizenship and that supports the community in which your customers and employees live.

What a partnership with TFC can do for you.

  • Your Company Name & Logo will be prominently displayed on our Website throughout the year.
  • Your Company will receive mention on all mailings and printed materials for the year 2010.
  • You will receive recognition at all special events including signage, radio media coverage, and PSA’s with Indiana’s News Center.

Interested? Call Jim Christie, Executive Director of The Franciscan Center at (260) 744-3977 to discuss this wonderful opportunity!

Current Community Sponsors

• Indiana’s News Center
• Russett Design
• Mary Cross Tippmann Foundation
• Lutheran Foundation
• Charlie Tippmann Foundation
• English Bonter Mitchell Foundation

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